About Me

I began my support of LTC Allen West in January 2009. I have worked diligently to hone my skills in social media and developed a platform, following and network. This has allowed me to start my personal self maintained website garepublic.wpengine.com 

I avidly post, tweet and network the conservative message. I am a multitasking networker and I use all forms of technology to be able to communicate quickly.

My average weekly reach on my Facebook page for Allen West Republic reaches approx. 860k – 2.7 million. The website has an avid following of 280K+

I use all social media platforms to network on his behalf with an enormous amount of support and following..

As the creator of the Allen West Republic website, Facebook, twitter and other various social networking applications. I am self-taught analytic and social media specialist.  I have a passion for helping people increase their social media experience in ways that help benefit and endorse the united cause for conservatism.


10-23-13 Tanya Grimsley of Allen West Republic is our guest on
Allen West Republic https://garepublic.wpengine.com/about/
Wednesday At Midnight with host Trade Martin