With presidential primaries approaching, the left’s dumbest, most destructive ideas rear their ugly head

You can be sure that this liberal idea to pack the Court will float right to the top before the 2020 Presidential elections. The Democrats will be foaming at the mouth to take any steps that it can to negate the configuration of the Supreme Court as being shaped by President Donald Trump. How will this idea play? The Democrats think they have a winner.

As Written and Reported By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

Oh my.

I haven’t heard this one yet from any big-name Democrats but give it time. With presidential primaries approaching, the left’s dumbest, most destructive ideas will inevitably migrate up the food chain. (“Abolish ICE!”) In modern American politics, turds float.

There’s been plenty of buzz about it online, where so many of those turds originate, since Kennedy’s announcement. Google “pack the court” and the hits will start rolling in — ViceHuffPostJacobin, plus a smattering of lesser-known sites. The plan has some “respectable” support too, of course. Whenever a truly terrible idea is swirling among progressives, there’s always an academic somewhere willing to defend it. Same here:

Samuel’s on the faculty at Harvard Law. More:


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Hot new lefty idea: Let’s pack the Court with liberals as soon as Democrats are back in power

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