WikiLeaks swipes back hard at Democrat lawsuit!

The Democrat lawsuit against the President of the United States, Wikileaks, Assange, and the Russians is possibly the case of the DNC ‘Jumping the Shark.’ This action may not get the results that they were looking for as two countersuits will be filed in response. I am reminded of that old adage that if you are up to your chin in a cesspool, you should not make waves. It appears that the DNC is in cannonball mode. Here is the Wikileaks response to the lawsuit.

As Written and Reported By Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

The official account for WikiLeaks tweeted that they were looking to file a countersuit against the Democratic party, which sued the organization Friday along with the Trump campaign and the Russian government for alleged collusion.

Here’s what WikiLeaks responded

“The Democrats are suing @WikiLeaks and [WikiLeaks founder] @JulianAssange for revealing how the DNC rigged the Democratic primaries,” they tweeted.

“Help us counter-sue. We’ve never lost a publishing case and discovery is going to be amazing fun,” the tweeted added, with a link to a donations page.

“Previously unimaginable treachery”

The federal lawsuit claims that the three defendants colluded in order to sway the 2016 election unfairly for the Trump campaign. “The conspiracy constituted an act of previously unimaginable treachery: the campaign of the presidential nominee of a major party in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the presidency,” the DNC alleges.

Earlier WikiLeaks tweeted a short statement decrying the lawsuit as a repetitive “publicity stunt” from the Democratic National Committee.

“DNC already has a moribund publicity lawsuit which the press has become bored of,” they tweeted, “hence the need to refile it as a “new” suit before mid-terms. As an accurate publisher of newsworthy information, @WikiLeaks is constitutionally …..


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WikiLeaks fires back at Democrat lawsuit – and they want to take action | TheBlaze

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