Why Trump must go after Hillary Clinton or else

There is a decided warning here of the dangers that are growing around President Trump and going after Hillary Clinton is just one of the steps that he must take. It has been said that the best defense is a great offense. The President does not need to play Rope-A-Dope against the unfettered powers of the Department of Justice. Here is why.

As Written and Reported By Cliff Nichols for Townhall:

Years ago, I agreed to represent a client who wanted to bring a lawsuit against a particular department of the federal government.

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Since the opposing counsel would be the U.S. Department of Justice, and with my being new to that game, I enlisted as co-counsel an accomplished federal litigator with extensive experience in dealing with the DOJ.

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At one of our first meetings, I asked him, “What do you think are our odds of beating the DOJ?” I will never forget his response.

With a silent smile, he slowly nodded, looked down and scribbled something on a sheet of paper before handing it to me.

The text of his properly signed and dated memorandum to me contained only two words:

“You’re f–ked.”

Now, nearly 20 years later, that is the exact memo — or warning — I want to send to President Trump.

That is … unless he demonstrates soon a willingness to exercise his constitutionally delegated powers to terminate and remove the partisan factions within his Department of Justice that are either failing to use, or are intentionally misusing, their authority to unlawfully destroy his Presidency.

If he does not, I believe the abbreviated ineloquence of my former colleague’s memo could likely convey an accurate forecast of his fate.

The DOJ is an institution vested with formidable resources, including its authority over the FBI.

It is also often the beneficiary of a thinly veiled, yet presumed, allegiance with most of the federal courts in which its attorneys ….


Memo to President Trump: Prosecute Hillary Clinton or Perish



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