WHOA! Dershowitz Goes Head to Head With CNN’s Toobin Over Accusation of Pro-Trump Bias [Video]

[VIDEO] If you want to know what Libertarian Alan Dershowitz has on his mind, just key him up and give him a chance to speak. better yet, accuse him of carrying water for president Donald Trump. He appeared on CNN and was challenged for his position. Make no mistake, Mr. Dershowitz was very clear about how he feels about the issues, especially the Russia collusion witch hunt. Watch what he has to say.

As Written and Reported By Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin tore into his friend and mentor Alan Dershowitz, saying that he was carrying water for President Trump, and the famed civil libertarian fired right back

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“How has this come about that in every situation over the past year you have been carrying water for Donald Trump?” Toobin said.

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“This is not who you used to be,” he continued. “And you are doing this over and over again in situations that are obviously rife with conflict of interest, and just what’s happened to you?”

“What conflict of interest?” Dershowitz responded, “I attacked President Trump for his banning of Muslims, I attacked President Trump for leaking material to Russia. I’ve attacked Trump for many many years. I’m not carrying his water.”

“I’m saying exactly the same thing I said for fifty years, and Jeffrey you oughta know that, you were my student,” he said.

“I have never deviated from this,” he continued, “I have never deviated from this point, now the fact that it applies to Trump now rather than applying to Bill Clinton is why people like you have turned against me.”

“Don’t you understand that principle requires bipartisanship and nonpartisanship?” Dershowitz concluded. “And that’s who I am, and that’s who I have always been.”

“Civil libertarians criticize the law”

“But we have a system in place where you don’t like grand juries, you don’t like special counsels, but you know that’s the law,” Toobin responded.

“I am a civil libertarian, and civil libertarians criticize the law,” said Dershowitz………


Alan Dershowitz fires back at CNN’s Toobin over accusation of pro-Trump bias | TheBlaze


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