What The Democrats Are Planning For You If They Win In November Is Mind Boggling

If there is something that a liberal progressive can sink his or her teeth into, it is a good strong tax hike. Your next tax bite has already been laid out and the Dems are just drooling at the mouth to get their hands on your money. They are convinced that they can spend it better than you can. Maybe this is Nancy Pelosi’s way of getting those crummy $1000 bonuses back from those dastardly employers. It was supposed to be spent by the Democrats anyway.

As Written and Reported By Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire:

Watch out, America: if the Democrats win back control of one or both Houses of Congress in November, they plan on reversing the Republican tax cuts and hiking rates for corporations and the wealthy, popularity of Trump’s tax restructuring be damned.

The plan would also greatly increase the deficit spending Democrats complained, back during the tax cut process, was already too high, creating and funding a $1 trillion infrastructure plan they claim will put Americans back to work — even though jobless numbers are, right now, at a low. They would use an additional $40 million to provide high speed internet to rural America, the Washington Examiner reports.

The plan nearly wipes out any gains achieved by the Trump tax cuts because Sen. Chuck Schumer, who presented the plan, believes Trump’s tax restructuring — particularly for corporations — is “unpopular.” It seems he’s missed the memo; although Trump’s popularity has suffered in recent weeks because of rumors of an extra-marital affair with an adult film star, and increased activity from the Special Counsel’s office, the tax cuts remain well-liked and propelled the president to near 50% approval in January.

A great deal of that warm fuzziness stems from corporations announcing they would “share the wealth”: increasing wages, paying out bonuses, expanding their businesses, and bumping up shareholder dividends after receiving their tax cut windfalls.

But Schumer’s plan would increase the corporate tax rate from its new low of 21% back up to 25%. That makes it still short of the 35% it once was under President Obama, but might kill off ……


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Hold On To Your Wallets! Democrats Already Have A Tax Hike Planned For When They Win In November | Daily Wire

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