We Better Pay Attention: Judge Kavanaugh Will Not Be The Last Victim of the Democrats

It is apparent to the most casual observer that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will not be the final victim of the Democratic Party policy of personal destruction. They have now usurped the #MeToo movement to make it nothing more than a political weapon to be used for political gain. If they can do this to the Judge, then you are no longer safe with conservative views. There can no longer be an exchange of ideas with those that want to destroy you.

As Written and Reported By Michael L. Gensert for the American Thinker:

In the circus that was the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, we saw a woman with multiple degrees who is proud to know so very little about so much and who can’t remember even recent things.  I think that had I taken a polygraph test on the day after my grandmother’s funeral, I would remember it.  But not “Chrissy” – she is an empty abyss, down which all memories of any importance disappear.  She can’t remember “when” or “where,” but she is 100% sure that it was Kavanaugh who assaulted her.

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(Let’s stop calling being groped “rape.”  It may be sexual assault, but it is not rape.  To call it so cheapens the suffering of countless woman who throughout history were real victims of rape.)

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The glasses were a nice touch, oversized to make her look childish, complementary to the tiny, childlike voice and the studied immaturity.  She tried so hard to cry, but the tears just wouldn’t come (at least not like Kavanaugh – probably because his were real).  It was also genius to have her continually call Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh “Brett.”  It dispensed with his many achievements as well as making him seem like a close friend who betrayed her in the most heinous of ways.

Taking up six minutes of the first ten allotted Republican minutes to correct a letter she herself wrote was also brilliant.  This Ford was prone to stalling.

Oh, and poor Christine, so afraid to fly, yet forced to traipse the…..


Dems will use #MeToo to get you, too


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