WaPo Hit Piece of Prominent Conservative Website Should Be of MAJOR Concern to Conservatives!

Obviously, if the Washington Post cannot compete with you on a factual basis, they will resort to a hit piece with no qualms at all. That is what they just did to a Conservative site, Constitution.com. The “report” is a low level hit piece that does not bother with the truth and just puts together an out of context screed. They pass this off as journalism. See what this Constitution.com writer has to say about their report.

As Written and Reported By Andrew West for the Constitution.com:

So much for the fourth wall, folks.  And maybe even the fifth wall, at this rate.

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Yesterday marked another dark day for the First Amendment in America, as one privately-owned publisher attempted to subvert the free speech of another privately-owned publisher through intimidation and the court of public opinion.

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Let this salient point sink in before we continue:  The confrontation that you are about to immerse yourself in was between two businesses bestowed the same rights as one another by the Constitution of these United States…it was not a struggle between an authority of any sort and some lawless vandals on the outskirts of the media.  This struggle is between two equals, at least in the eyes of the supreme law of the land.

The story is as such:  The Washington Post yesterday published an article in which they attempted to paint myself, our website, and our outlook as hateful or bigoted.  The flimsy proof provided was accompanied by little to no context, making it a no-brainer to be labeled a “hit piece” by unnamed insider sources.  (See, democrats, we can play that game too).

The idea was to shame our advertisers into withdrawing their business arrangements with the ad-providers contracted to us.  The Post article put forth a few ugly, out of context quotes, the most prominent of which was written by an unpaid guest contributor, and was a headline in the form of a question, as if this writer was seeking the truth of the otherwise salacious claims.

In other words, in an article attempting to make us out to be shock-peddlers, the Washington Post itself engaged in omission-centric manufacturing of outrage for the sake of selling papers.

But, this is still all a digression from the most poignant of political points here:  The Washington Post is allowed to do that thanks to the First Amendment, and as infuriating as it is, that’s their right and there isn’t a damned thing we can do about it except use our own First Amendment rights to defend…….


Washington Post Misses The Mark with Constitution.com Hit Piece


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