Wait. What about those ‘stolen’ Hillary emails Papadopoulos supposedly told Downer about?

When it comes to the 30,000 destroyed Hillary emails, the Deep State cannot have it both ways. This article casts a quizzical eye at how former FBI Director James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to have the emails represent entirely different values. For the FISA Court process, these Clinton emails that were in the hands of the Russians were all high-value emails. This was used in the story of these emails being offered to George Papadopoulos for the Trump campaign to use. Well, what about these same emails when looked at by James Comey? Suddenly, these same emails were not a threat to national security? Here the contrast is discussed.

As Written and Reported By Greg Richards for the American Thinker:

Comey and Mueller can’t have it both ways.

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I was just reflecting on the Papadopoulos-Australian high commissioner Downer communication, which was allegedly one of the starting points of the 2016 spying on the Trump campaign.

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The point at issue was Papadopoulos allegedly saying the Russians had 33,000 Hillary emails.  After that was the yada, yada, yada that the Trump campaign knew this because it was colluding with the Russians, etc., etc.

But here’s the question: aren’t the 33,000 emails the Russians allegedly had the emails Hillary had already deleted?

Aren’t these the emails she claims were yoga appointments and wedding arrangements?

It has not been part of the Hillary story, so far as I can recall, that the Russians stole 33,000 high-value emails from that Hillary server.  Even James Comey would have to take note of that.

My point to you is, isn’t there an anomaly here in these alleged 33,000 emails the Russians allegedly have been treated as high-value intelligence, whereas Hillary’s whole claim is that these were trivia?  If the Russians……


The question nobody is asking about those ‘stolen’ Hillary emails Papadopoulos supposedly told Downer about



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