Trump plays Rope-a-Dope in the Middle East

President Donald Trump has done a masterful job in creating action in the Middle East over the Palestinian question. Boxer Mohammad Ali had a great boxing strategy of leaning on the ropes and letting his opponent tire himself out pummeling Ali while doing no real damage. The mainstream media has been so busy pummeling the President over his Tweets and other statements that they wore themselves out beating on him. In the meantime, President Trump allowed to Egyptians to step in and work on the Palestine problem. Representatives of Hamas and Fatah have met in Cairo at the behest of Egypt’s President El-Sisi. The intention is to craft a governing coalition, forming a single unified Palestinian government. This is how he made it work. Attaboy, Mr. President.

As Written By Joe Herring and Mark Christian for the American Thinker:

“Why does he keep stirring the pot?”  “He should just keep his mouth shut and do his job!”

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I’m sure you’ve heard many express these sentiments regarding Trump and his penchant for tweeting, commenting, and poking at the perpetually aggrieved left and their fellow travelers in the “Never Trump” establishment.

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But while you (and the media) were distracted by the latest shiny object dangled by the president, some tectonic plate-shifting occurred in the Middle East.

Representatives of Hamas and Fatah (competing groups seeking control over the Palestinians) have met in Cairo at the invitation of Egypt’s President El-Sisi to craft a governing coalition, forming a single unified Palestinian government.

While fronted by El-Sisi, the meeting was proposed and supported by Trump. Unlike his predecessor, who crowed “historic achievement!” every time he suggested everyone just get along, Trump wisely remained in the background, avoiding the inevitable resistance occasioned by direct U.S. involvement in the talks……


Donald Trump’s Middle East masterstroke

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