There’s A Reason You Should Be Worried When The Govt Wants To Eliminate Hate Speech

It is a bad thing for freedom of speech to allow the government to begin defining what constitutes hate speech. Once that threshold is crossed there will be no going back. It is already obvious in the social media giants like Facebook, Google, and YouTube that conservative ideas and thoughts are being throttled. The liberal machinery of these social platforms is already allowed to define what is hate speech. It boils down to the simple fact that anything that does not agree with their narrative is considered hateful. Just look at the snowflakes and you will get an understanding.

As Written and Reported By Scott Greer for the Daily Caller:

Congress grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week, with many lawmakers focusing on the tech giant’s supposed “hate speech” problem.

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Zuckerberg assured lawmakers that Facebook was developing “AI tools” that would one day be able to totally eradicate hate speech from its platform.

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Concern for hate speech is a bipartisan issue: Zuckerberg first revealed these magical AI tools after Republican South Dakota Sen. John Thune’s questioned what the tech giant was doing to stop the supposed menace of hate speech.

A few Republican lawmakers, such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn, pressed the Facebook founder about his platform’s disturbing habit of conservative censorship. But only one lawmaker made the connection between that trend and the zealous pursuit of hate speech.

“Can you define hate speech?” Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse asked Zuckerberg, to which the billionaire deflected.

Sasse noted how Zuckerberg cited “safety and protection” when addressing the problem of hate speech, saying it reminded him of the rhetoric of campus radicals. “We have seen this happen on college campuses. It’s……


Bad When Lawmakers Want Hate Speech Gone | The Daily Caller


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