There Is Only One Humane Solution for the Illegal Immigration Problem

There are very few in Congress that are willing to listen to this Humane Solution to the immigration issues. In the interests of what is fair to the real asylum seeker as will be fair and humane to the citizens of the United States is really just common sense. The bleeding heart liberals will not go here. Only president Trump has ventured into this area. Read the proposal here.

As Written and Reported By Daniel Horowitz for Conservative Review:

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The president is absolutely right. Let’s stop managing this invasion and start blocking it. End illegal immigration once and for all.

There’s only one way to solve the immigration crisis in a way that is humane to Americans, first and foremost, but that also ceases to empower drug cartels and human smuggling, benefits legitimate asylees, and deters fake ones from making the trip. We need to end all asylum applications within our borders and route the process solely through facilities in Mexico.

There is one data point that should immediately end the suicidal process of letting tens of thousands of dangerous people be released into our country: Roughly 80 percent of asylum applicants from Central America have been rejected outright in recent years by immigration judges, who are typically more liberal in their views. The number of applicants who truly fit the statutory description of an asylee is likely infinitesimal, and a very small percentage are ultimately approved.

This means that by entertaining enormous number of asylum applications within our borders, where many applicants who ultimately will not be accepted are nevertheless released into the population, we are putting Americans at risk with social problems, fiscal drains, strains on the schools, drugs, and gangs, all for a small number of legitimate asylees. Even under Trump, those who enter at the points of entry are released into our country pending the outcome of the cases. But if we know that almost all of them will not be accepted and…..

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Let’s stop managing this invasion and start blocking it – Conservative Review


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