There Is Absolutely Only One Way The Democrat Party Can Save Itself

The Democratic Party will soon find that its back is against the wall. How did they get there? This article examines how the nation has drifted between the Right and the Left in its 20th and 21st Century history. The Dems are where they are now because of their resistance to all things Trump. The Trump Derangement Syndrom can be considered a key obstacle to overcome. Here is what they have done to themselves.

As Written and Reported By Michael Bussler for the Daily Wire:

The success of our Democracy depends upon healthy debate. The US has been able to maintain the fast-paced yet steady progress to success, by veering slightly left, then veering slightly right. History shows that this allows the US to maintain balance.

We had conservative President Hoover in the 1930’s leaning right, followed by Roosevelt/ Truman who leaned left. Then Eisenhower right, Kennedy/Johnson left. Then Nixon/Ford right, Carter left. Reagan/Bush right. Clinton left. Bush right, then Obama leaned extremely left. And now Trump is a right-leaning center-of -the-roader.

By historical standards the US growth has been stunning. It took only about a hundred and fifty years, for the US to become the biggest, strongest and by far the most prosperous nation on earth.

While there are a number of reasons for this stunning success, the most basic is that the US was established based on the principles of democracy, while building on a foundation of freedom, individual responsibility and as well as social responsibility.

It is, in fact, the relationship between individual and social responsibility that usually determines how far to the right or left the country leans during the appropriate administration. It is the healthy debate that the US has historically relied upon to ……


BUSLER: The Only Way The Democratic Party Can Save Itself | Daily Wire

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