There Is A Much Bigger Problem Than The Secret Omarosa Recordings

Former Presidential Omarosa Manigault Newman has definitely made herself known in the national limelight. To get there she has had to get herself fired from the White House while violating national security laws and breaking contracts with the White House. The idea that she may have hundreds of secret recordings, some in classified areas, is enough to send you and me to jail. Will she be held accountable. One can only hope so.

As Written and Reported by Hans von Spakovsky for the Daily Signal:

Even if you strongly oppose President Donald Trump and want to see him defeated in 2020 or impeached before then, you should hope his presidential campaign succeeds with its legal action against Omarosa Manigault Newman alleging she violated a nondisclosure agreement. And if she broke any laws, you should want her prosecuted.

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Manigault Newman—a fired presidential aide and earlier a member of the Trump campaign staff—has set a dangerous precedent by her secret recording of conversations with Trump and White House and campaign aides. The New York Times reported Thursday that Manigault Newman “is believed to have as many as 200” recordings of such conversations.

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If Manigault Newman suffers no penalty for making her secret recordings—and instead uses the recordings to boost sales of her virulently anti-Trump book “Unhinged,” as she is clearly doing now for maximum media exposure—future White House employees will be tempted to follow in her footsteps.

While it is common for White House staffers to write books about the president they served after he has left office, it is far less common to see books coming out while a president is still serving. Whether the disclosures and allegations in “Unhinged” violate the nondisclosure agreement Manigault Newman signed while working on the Trump campaign is a matter still to be…..


Omarosa Acted Dishonorably by Recording Confidential White House Conversations, but Here’s the Bigger Problem


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