There Are Five Key Questions That Must Be Answered After Ford’s Senate Testimony

In case you were not keeping up with current events, the accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Ford appeared before the Senate Committee today. She was there to answer questions about the supposed sexual assault by the judge and his friend over 35 years ago. There were some very key questions that needed to be cleared up. Unfortunately, the spokesperson for the Republicans chose not to ask any of them. Here is what was overlooked and why these questions are so important.

As Written and Reported By Matt Walsh for the Daily Wire:

On Thursday, Christine Blasey Ford gave her Senate testimony regarding her sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. She came across as competent and credible, and her performance was, in parts, rather stirring. The whole scene was a win for her and a huge victory for Democrats. Unfortunately, however, it gave us no new information about the alleged incident itself, and all of the same questions, inconsistencies, and logical holes remain. If we are evaluating her testimony rationally and objectively, it was insufficient. If we are evaluating it emotionally, Kavanaugh is guilty as hell. Most people in America will undoubtedly fall into the latter camp.

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Through her opening statement and her interactions with the Democrat senators on the committee, Ford retold basically the same story we already read in The Washington Post. Little additional information was provided. She says she remembers with 100% certainty that Kavanaugh assaulted her. She also remembers — and was given the opportunity to mention several times — the “laughter” of Kavanaugh and Judge as they allegedly assaulted her. She remembers the stairwell, she says, and she remembers that the house was sparsely furnished. And that’s basically it.

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A number of enormous questions still remain…….


WALSH: 5 Enormous Questions That Still Remain After Christine Ford’s Senate Testimony | Daily Wire


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