The US Navy Needs 355 Ships

How does the United States Navy get back to a 355 ship fleet? Is that really an optimum number or is that just the bare minimums? What has Congress done to help rectify the situation? What is the strategy being used by the Navy and why is it not working? The Navy has done nothing to improve its situation, having operated in a can-do attitude for far too long. It is time for real leadership in Congress and the Navy to take a different approach. Here are some options that are being missed.

As Written by ROBERT C. O’BRIEN & JERRY HENDRIX for the National Review:

If we do not maintain global supremacy on the seas, nations hostile to our principles will fill the gaps.

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One of President Trump’s signature campaign promises to the American people was a 350-ship Navy. The Navy itself has stated unequivocally that it needs a bare minimum of 355 ships to meet the missions with which it has been tasked by our regional combatant commanders. Yet, sadly, it is becoming clear that no real budgetary steps have been or will be taken to fund this promise. Further, there is nothing on the horizon to suggest that anything will change on this front.

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The failure to rebuild America’s fleet could not have come at a worse time. The world has grown increasingly dangerous, with a nuclear madman in North Korea testing an ICBM a month, mullahs in Tehran plotting the takeover of the Middle East, Russia engaging in “frozen conflicts” in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, a very hot civil war in Syria, and China appropriating a vast swath of the Pacific to itself. The forgoing list does not even take into account the United States’ continuing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and dozens of other remote locales where we are in daily combat with al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, and their assorted jihadi fellow travelers.

Budgetary Irresponsibility and Material Passivity Although both the House and the Senate Armed Services Committees have endorsed a significant increase in military spending at President Trump’s behest, Congress sidestepped………


US Navy: 355 Ships Needed | National Review

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