The Secret Files of Special Counsel Robert Mueller

What has not been addressed by others is just what secret files Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be holding in his collusion investigation. There are a lot of possibilities and most of us have not bothered to think about that very much. As the article points out, a good investigator knows where to focus his attention and what sort of records and reports he needs to collect. These are the sort of items that can do the most damage, even if there is nothing in them. Here is a short list to consider.

As Written and Reported By Mike Allen for Axios:

With speculation hot among the president’s legal team that today could be a day for action by Bob Mueller (last working day before Labor Day), remember all the evidence the special counsel has — or could have — that we haven’t seen.

Why it matters, from Bob Bauer, former White House counsel to President Obama, and now an NYU Law professor: “Investigators have the skills and resources to turn up evidence, including witness testimony, that goes beyond what anyone on the outside can imagine in the daily speculation about the Mueller probe.”

“How many had heard of George Papadopoulos — until the day we heard of George Papadopoulos?”
“Who would have predicted an indictment, like the one brought against Russian intelligence officials, that reads like the synopsis of a le Carré novel?”

The evidence we’ve yet to see:

  • President Trump’s tax returns.
  • Trump bank records, which are more valuable than tax returns.
  • Internal Trump Organization records.
  • More recordings from Michael Cohen.
  • Cellphone records (metadata showing calls placed/received and duration) related to the Trump Tower meeting.
  • White House and campaign emails and text messages. (Trump’s legal team said in January that the White House had produced more than 20,000 pages of materials, and the campaign had ….


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