The Russia Probe documents have Congressmen usurping the Executive Office?

In an effort to protect the documents of the Russia Probe, four Congressmen have corresponded directly with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. They have asked that Rosenstein ignore his chain of command and not do what the lawfully elected leader of the nation has the authority to order. They need to justify their actions and answer these 10 tough questions.

As Written and Reported By Adam Hill for The Federalist:

A letter from four congressmen demanding Russia probe documents remain secret raises some important questions about where abuse of power is really happening in the Trump administration.

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Four congressmen claimed in a Sept. 18 letter to former deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein that President Trump (remember, he’s the elected Article II head of the executive branch) was about to commit a “brazen abuse of power” by “selectively” disclosing classified information that “he believes he can manipulate publicly to undermine the legitimacy and credibility of the Special Counsel’s investigation.”  They also wrote that release of this information would “grossly violate our system of checks and balances.”

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The congressmen claimed to have extracted a promise from the Rosenstein that he would “not provide the White House or any of Trump’s attorneys with access to sensitive information briefed to a small group of designated members” of Congress. This letter raises some important questions about where abuse of power is really happening. Here are ten.

1. How would Robert Mueller’s Russia probe be affected by this release?

The election is over. The Trump campaign is over. Whatever collusion the Trump campaign committed with the Russians to rig the 2016 election (if any) is likewise over. It’s not as though Mueller could construct an undercover sting operation at this point. Trump knows about the investigation.

So why would releasing any of this information impair Mueller’s progress? Investigations are supposed to be a pursuit of truth. Yet after 18 months, Mueller’s Russia investigation seems to be a tool to achieve the ….


10 Questions For Those Trying Stop The Release Of Russia Probe Docs


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