The Masters of the digital universe have largely abandoned the internet’s founding principles of freedom

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The ‘Google Censorship’ that was revealed this week went mostly ignored by the mainstream media. An internal memo that was circulated within the company outlines the rationale behind why all the high tech companies must become “The Good Censor” for the betterment of all mankind. That means that these liberal-run companies will decide what is best for you when you use their services. You can bet that it will be the liberal progressive agenda and all the trimmings. Here is what we know now. ~ Paul.

As Written and Reported By Allum Bokhari for Breitbart:

Google’s briefing frankly acknowledged a “shift towards censorship.” The media’s response? Silence, or gushing praise.

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Earlier this week, Breitbart News released “The Good Censor,” an 85-page internal company presentation created by Google, explaining in frank terms that the handful of big tech companies that dominate the internet have “shifted towards censorship.” The response from the establishment media? Virtually nothing.

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There were a couple notable exceptions. The Daily Mail ran a detailed story about the leak, as did The Hill. And The Verge, part of the far-left Vox Media empire, ran two stories on the leak  – although they mostly defended Google’s right to censor in the name of “safety and security.” BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel called the leaked presentation “incredibly fascinating” in a social media post, but BuzzFeed itself has thus far failed to cover it.

The conservative media did much better, with coverage in The Western Journal, World Net Daily, LifeSite, Fox News, NewsBusters, and The Daily Wire.

But most of the mainstream “tech media” seems more interested in reviewing Google’s latest smartphone than the company’s candid acknowledgment that the masters of the digital universe have largely abandoned the internet’s founding principles of freedom and…..


Bokhari: In ‘The Good Censor,’ Google Admitted to Censorship — And The Media Ignored It | Breitbart


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