The left has made a HUGE mistake with General John Kelly

General John Kelly is President Trump’s White House Chief of Staff. The General is the one who greases the wheels and keeps things running smoothly for the President. One thing that you may not want to do is to impune his honor. That is something that he has stood for all his adult life. Duty. Honor. Country. If he tells you something, you can take it to the bank. Here is where the left made a big mistake.

As Written By Monica Showalter for the American Thinker:

Maybe I spoke too soon. Far from recognizing the masterly statement of President Trump’s chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, in the wake of the brouhaha over President Trump’s condolence call to the wife of a fallen serviceman, the left has doubled down on screeching attacks against Kelly, charging him with ever more outlandish epithets.

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The congresswoman who horned in on the moment and tried to score political hay from it, Rep. Fredericka Wilson of Florida, has started yelling racism, the last refuge of today’s scoundrels. She claimed that Kelly’s use of the term ’empty barrel’ to describe the contents of her unhinged mind was the same as attacking the color of her skin. The White House, she added, was “full of white supremacists.”

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The press, meanwhile has focused on calling Kelly a liar, saying an unearthed tape of Wilson’s 2015 speech is proof positive that she never crowed about securing the financing for the building that was named after two fallen FBI agents. Actually, it’s not proof – no one knows what she was crowing about in the before and after times of it, off camera to officials such as Kelly. Kelly has not backed down from his charge and just the inside-politics nature of it suggests it was not made up. Who would have thought of such a thing if it hadn’t happened. It would be far easier to say Wilson was spitting in the punchbowl if things were ……….


Does the left really think it can drag General Kelly into its mud?

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