The Inspector General Report actually reveals all the FBI bias

The Inspector General Report may have drawn a conclusion that bias did not affect the FBI decision making process of their investigations. This article points out the great deal of evidence that is available within the almost 600 page report. When you start piling it all together as is done in this article, you can come to no other conclusion. Donald Trump was correct in his assertions that the FBI was out to get him. When you look at the actions and comments by FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page, no other conclusion can be reached but that the power of the FBI was aligned against a Donald Trump candidacy. Read the details for yourself.

As Written and Reported By Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire:

I’ve long been a skeptic of the conspiratorial claims surrounding the actions of the so-called “deep state” during the 2016 campaign. While I believe that the FBI acted in political fashion to exonerate Hillary Clinton, I never believed that the FBI deliberately targeted the Trump campaign; the evidence just didn’t seem to be there.

After all, Trump could merely declassify such evidence if it existed; he could fire everyone involved. And why didn’t these “deep state” actors release damning information about Trump during the campaign, if they were so committed to stopping his campaign?

I’m rethinking that position pretty seriously after the release of the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general’s report.

Now, I’m not making the case that there was a broad-based, well-organized conspiracy inside the FBI to stop President Trump. But it is obvious, from the available evidence, that (1) certain high-ranking actors inside the FBI felt the necessity to stop Trump from becoming president, and were willing to act under color of authority to do so; and (2) the leading actors inside the FBI assumed that Hillary would be president, and tailored their actions based on that assumption.

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