The FBI, Under James Comey Was Betting On a Hillary Clinton Presidency

It may have been because of the media saying Hillary was favored over Trump that Comey’s FBI laid all their strategy on a Clinton victory. That would explain all the subsequent actions to protect Hillary and to sink the Trump candidacy. Following Donald Trump’s victory and taking office as President, you saw the world’s most desperate CYA collusion take place to divert attention from the bias in the FBI and the Department of Justice. It was also important to keep President Obama’s coattails clean. 

As Written and Reported By David Marcus for The Federalist:

In late October of 2016 James Comey knew Donald Trump’s candidacy was as dead as a doornail. That must be distinctly understood or nothing wonderful can come from the story I am going to relate. Time soothes the edges of old emotions. We forget the shock of that election night. Almost two years now of articles and TV takes, even books, make Trump’s election seem understandable, even sometimes inevitable.

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But that’s not how it was then. When FBI director Comey and the FBI dropped their late October Anthony Weiner surprise, they did so fully confident that Hillary Clinton would win. What we now know for certain from the Department of Justice inspector general report that came out Thursday is that the FBI chose to disclose the Weiner email fiasco to protect a Clinton presidency, a foregone conclusion, from potential claims from Trump that the FBI had rigged the election.

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Who Knows What Comey Remembers?

Comey gave us a taste of this back in April when George Stephanopoulos asked if he was assuming Clinton would win. He said: “I don’t remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been. I was operating in a ……..


Comey’s FBI Was Protecting The Presumed Clinton Presidency


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