The Election Trends for the 2018 Midterms Should Give You Cause to Start Worrying

The election trends for the 2018 midterms should give you cause to start worrying. It appears that the Socialist Democrat fringe candidates are moving to the mainstream of the Democratic Party. Maybe it is that the mainstream of the party just took another jump to the left. All you have to do is look at what is going on in New York and Florida and you can see what is happening. You may also need to understand why this is happening. Please read on.

As Written and Reported By Carol Brown for the American Thinker:

We’re two months out from the midterm elections, and the trend doesn’t favor our team – in the Senate, the House, or governorships.

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Despite a roster of Democratic candidates promoting socialist ideas, a lot of Americans don’t seem to find the line-up of loons particularly crazy.  Many of these candidates are young, energetic, and charming, packaging socialism in a nice box with a neat little bow.

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Mmm.  I’ll take two, please.

Here’s one: Robert Francis O’Rourke.  He adopted the nickname “Beto” to endear himself to the Hispanic community.

O’Rourke appears to be a highly calculated melding of Robert Kennedy (wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up partway) and Obama, who was brilliant at masking the evil in his heart with soaring rhetoric (to the numb and mindless).

Now, as O’Rourke crisscrosses the country, scarfing up gobs of money from coastal elites, Real Clear Politics has moved the Texas Senate race from “leans Republican” to “likely Republican” to “toss up.”  It didn’t take that long.  At the rate it’s going, I won’t be surprised if it soon shifts to “likely Dem.”

Meanwhile, in a matter of days, socialist Andrew Gillum, who’s running for governor of Florida, has eclipsed Ron DeSantis in the polls.  Gillum now has a 5-point lead.  I expect that it will climb even…..


Midterm election trends not looking good


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