The Democratic Party is in an ongoing crisis, but most of the national media refuses to talk about it

The Democrats are like the Titanic steaming through the night, unaware that there are multiple icebergs in their path. Their media minions supposedly have the job as lookouts for the Dems, but they are failing miserably at it. In this article, you can see how things are lining up against the great Blue Wave that we are being told to expect in the 2018 mid-term elections. The focus of the Dems has drifted further off course to the left and identity politics is the only card that they seem to be able to play. Even the child-on-the-border crisis cannot get all that much traction. 

As Written and Reported By Eddie Scarry for the Washington Examiner:

The Democratic Party is in an ongoing crisis, but most of the national media aren’t interested.

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They’d rather talk about the new “rock star,” Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Coretz, and ignore that the party is up in flames.

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Both Republican and Democratic voters are turning out in record numbers for their primary elections this year, according to analysis published this week by the Hill.

Democrats have a slight advantage by about a million votes, but that’s only in primaries. And in every general midterm election since at least 1982, Republicans have had an average of 6 percent higher turnout than Democrats.

Democrats swept Congress in 2006, but that was in a year of President George W. Bush, who wasn’t as popular as President Trump is among both Republicans and independents.

Just before the 2006 midterm elections, Bush had an 81 percent approval rating among Republicans and a 31 percent approval among independents, according to Gallup. Right now, the same poll has Trump at 87 percent with Republicans and 38 percent with independents.

And this is Trump who is largely reviled on a personal level among the……


Democrats are in a crisis and the media won’t talk about it


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