The Dangers of the Deep State and Robert Muellers ‘Russiagate” Probe

The Deep State has a lot of similarities to the Star Chamber of England’s King Charles I. This fact had to have been noted by a conservative because conservatives try to learn from history.

Liberals, on the other hand, pay no attention to history unless they are trying to rewrite it to fit their narrative. In this article, you will see how administrative government is the most damaging of all to our Republic. This a good article for you to read about the dangers of the Deep State.

As Written By Mark J. Fitzgibbons for the American Thinker:

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The Mueller “Russiagate” probe is being exposed as a corrupt, partisan fiasco, so much so that it is losing support from one of the deep state’s best cheerleaders, The Washington Post.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment of Clinton loyalists to his team violated every sense of independence, and now we are witnessing the unraveling of this foolish plot. Under the special counsel regulations, 28 CFR 600.7(c) and (d), the Mueller team should be disciplined for misconduct and breaches of ethical duties. The probe itself should be terminated for conflicts of interest.

I recently likened the Mueller probe to the Star Chamber under English King Charles I of the 17th century.

That made me reflect a bit more on how that period helped shape not only the founding of America, but the constitutional principles later articulated by the Framers.

The deep state relies on what Professor Philip Hamburger notes is “prerogative” in his brilliant book, Is Administrative Law Unlawful?  Professor Hamburger catalogs and analyzes how the Framers created a system that provides legal checks and balances on government and a separation of powers. These concepts that are vital to liberty are mostly absent in the administrative, aka, deep……


Mueller, Deep State ignore lessons from 17th century England 

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