The Comey-CNN-Valerie Jarrett Connection

While nobody was paying attention back in the Obama administration, Valerie Jarrett had a daughter hired by CNN. Can you guess what Laura Jarrett was hired to do? She was hired to be CNN’s correspondent at the Department of Justice. The DOJ just happened to be headed up by her Mother. Do you remember who James Comey leaked his memos to? Read on.

As Written and Reported by Monica Showalter for the American Thinker:

The memos are out from former FBI Director James Comey, and one of the big takeaways is how useful a tool Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, Laura Jarrett, could be for the Hillary Clinton campaign while she was employed at CNN.

CNN, it seems, helped orchestrate the set-up of President Trump when it pressed the then-FBI director to have a meeting with Trump so that the matter could be leaked and the press would have a credible reason to report as news all the otherwise slimy opposition research contained within the Steele dossier. Up until then, Fusion GPS, the purveyor of the unverified garbage written by its Moscow sources, was having a bad time getting anyone to print it in the press and had shopped it around for a year, drawing no buyers. The press knew it was unverified garbage and didn’t want to wreck its reputation by going there.

But then Comey briefed Trump about the existence of the dossier, and suddenly the matter was leakable. And by an interesting coincidence, it was CNN that did the leak.

That would be the same CNN that hired Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, Laura Jarrett, as the Justice Department’s correspondent, despite having zero background in journalism. She just waltzed in and got an on-screen, big-dollar job at CNN, same as you or I could do, right? She’s still there, by the way.

And by another coincidence, the DoJ of Jarrett’s beat oversees the star of this drama, the…..


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Comey memos show Valerie Jarrett’s CNN daughter a useful tool for Democrats

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