The Caravan Has Put Mexico In The Spotlight and the Pressure is Mounting

The migrant caravan is causing a lot of unwanted attention to be focused on the Mexican government. The caravan originated in Honduras and forced its way across the southern border of Mexico. The closer that this caravan gets to the border with the United States, the more pressure is applied by the Trump administration. It is apparent that Mexico wants to do the right thing to stop the caravan while remaining sensitive to those that are in the caravan. What balance can Mexico strike?

As Written and Reported By Daniella Silvia for NBC News:

With thousands of migrants making their way north through Mexico, authorities there face a “conundrum” on how to address the so-called caravan with increased pressure from the U.S. to ramp up its immigration enforcement, experts said.

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Experts on the region said evidence shows Mexico was taking a tough stance on the caravan of roughly 7,000 migrants that began in Honduras in some aspects, but authorities were also more welcoming than one would expect for a country that in the last several years has deported more Central Americans than the United States.

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“The conundrum that Mexico finds itself is on the one hand trying to be diplomatic and ensure the human rights of migrants, as they ask the United States to do, and on the other hand facing threats from the U.S. and hoping to have a good relationship with the new administration,” said Ariel Ruiz Soto, an associate policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute.

“Do you then increase enforcement even though it’s already pretty significant and then how do you maintain a positive public appearance in how you handle migration?” he asked, adding, “Mexico is coming to terms with being a transit……


Mexico faces ‘conundrum’ in migrant caravan as U.S. pressure mounts, experts say


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