Surprise! Look What Happened After Facebook Changed Its Algorithm

If you think that the social media giants are not involved in Midterm Meddling, then maybe you should look at the data that is presented in this report. The New York Times has taken the issue on and has been studying the results of the moves by Facebook and Twitter. Unsurprisingly, the Democratic Party candidates have surged way, way ahead in social media interactions. Obviously, the purges of accounts at Facebook and Twitter are having the desired effect.

As Written and Reported By Allum Bokhari for Breitbart: 

Democrat candidates for the Senate and House are vastly outpacing their Republican opponents on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram, according to analysis by the New York Times — although it’s impossible to say how much of their upsurge is the result of mass-bans and algorithm changes on the part of Facebook.

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The analysis shows a 7.8 million advantage in Facebook interactions for Democrat Senate candidates vs. Republican Senate candidates in a 30-day period ending October 15, and a 2 million advantage in interactions for Democrats fighting House races over the same period.

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Only in gubernatorial races do Republicans hold a slight advantage in Facebook interactions — of just 100,000.

Democrats also hold a significant advantage on Instagram, with Democratic candidates seeing 5.4 million interactions on their Instagram pages over the thirty-day period, compared to just 213,000 for Republicans.

The New York Times acknowledges that the Facebook interactions gap is very different to the 2016 election, in which Donald Trump significantly outpaced Hillary Clinton on the platform:

But social media engagement can be a crude measure of popularity, and a bellwether of shifts in public opinion that often turn up in polls days or weeks later. In 2016, many polls and pundits gave Mr. Trump little chance of winning, but his performance …….


Midterm Meddling: Democrats Surge on Facebook After Algorithm Changes | Breitbart


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