Shapiro “President Trump has a magical power”

According to Ben Shapiro, the President of the United States has a magic power that the Democrats just cannot deal with. They are so wrapped up in their “Resistance” that they cannot begin to see how far to the Left that they are being driven. Just look who President Trump got them to side with this week. Can you say MS-13 or Hamas? Here is how Ben describes it.

As Written and Reported By Ben Shapiro for the National Review:

President Trump has a magic power.

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No, it isn’t the ability to engage in four-dimensional chess, or even to mystically connect with the “common man.” It’s simply this: He can make Democrats defend anything.

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Democrats have increasingly defined themselves by opposing anything Trump does. Trump, unlike his predecessor, has promulgated a mainstream conservative agenda: He’s cut taxes and regulations and spent more on defense. Most Americans aren’t averse to that agenda, particularly considering the booming economy and a relatively quiet foreign sphere. But Democrats painted Trump during the campaign as an emissary of Cthulhu, and now they’re struggling to justify that depiction.

If they were smart, they’d stick to Trump’s obvious heresies, of course: his Twitter foolishness, his inane rants. But they can’t muster up that kind of discipline. Instead, they simply oppose anything Trump does, which leads them to the rather uncomfortable conclusion that the worst people on earth are preferable to even temporary alliance with Trump himself.

In the last week alone, Democrats have embraced the terrorist group Hamas and the vicious criminal gang MS-13. There’s a meme making the rounds on social media that conservatives will do [FILL IN THE BLANK] to “own the libs”: sign off on corruption, engage in the most vile insults, etc. But the Democrats will similarly do anything to “own Trump……


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