Senator Mike Lee Has A Warning For America [Video]

Senator Mike Lee appeared on The Daily Caller Thursday during an exclusive “Newsmakers” interview. The first subject that was address was the horrific Parkland, Florida shooting. The Senator had a few thoughts about that. From there the question was about the Mitt Romney run for Senate. 

The discussion then focused on the budget bill that just passed in Congress. We are now approaching 21 Trillion Dollars in national debt. As a fiscal conservative he did not like the bill and is highly critical of the process that caused the bill to get passed. An informative interview.

As Written and Reported By Vince Coglianese for the Daily Caller:

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Sen. Mike Lee says America’s debt burden will doom the country unless we quickly change course.

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“We can still depart from our current course,” the Utah senator told The Daily Caller Thursday during an exclusive “Newsmakers” interview from his Washington Senate office.

The national debt is now rapidly approaching $21 trillion.

“We are playing with fire. And in the long run, we are going to cause a lot of problems and we will eventually doom ourselves economically and otherwise if we follow the current pattern and fail to reform it.”

After Congress voted in early February to raise the government’s budget caps by approximately $300 billion and suspended the debt ceiling, Lee ripped Republican lawmakers for abandoning “limited government conservatives.”

That move, Lee said, was “a reversal from the promises that have been made on the campaign trail on countless occasions by countless Republicans running for federal office. This is a concern to me.”

Are Republican leaders fiscal conservatives?

“You’ll have to ask them what they think,” Lee replied. The budget deal “cannot be described in any universe as a conservative measure, and that’s why I voted against it……


EXCLUSIVE: Mike Lee Says Debt Doom America | The Daily Caller

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