Rosenstein has no choice but to become Trump’s best friend

If you are looking for any sympathy for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in his run-up to the meeting with President Donald Trump, this is not the article that you want to read. DAG Rosenstein is in a stew of his own making and does not know how to extract himself. The president has a lot of options on how to handle this situation. Some are good and some are not so good. Which of these do you think it will be?

As Written and Reported by William L. Gensert for the American Thinker:

Rosenstein has no choice but to become Trump’s best friend if he wants to save even a semblance of his career.

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Watch and learn.  You will see Rod Rosenstein become President Trump’s best friend.  He may not survive the friendship, but he really doesn’t have any other choice but to do as he is told after what is said he did in the closing days of James Comey’s reign as FBI director and the Mueller appointment as special counsel.  As is usually the case, Andrew C. McCarthy explains Rosenstein’s underhanded “weasel” machinations the best.

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This is the long and the short of it: Rosenstein not only wrote the memo giving the reasons for the termination of FBI director Comey, but actively sought the opportunity to do so.  The memo is dated May 9, 2017, the day after Comey’s firing.

He wanted to write the memo because, at the time, the Democrats were saying Comey cost Clinton the presidency by reopening the investigation into her “private server/email” just before the election of 2016.

Rosenstein believed that in writing the memo, he would be hailed by Democrats as a hero.  In the memo, he leans heavily on Comey’s actions “usurp[ing] the Attorney General’s authority.”  He makes a good case for firing Comey based on what he did to Clinton, a private citizen and candidate for elected office, who at the time was (and still is) not charged with a crime.

When all hell broke loose, Rosenstein was surprised.  He thought he was doing the left’s bidding.  Only by then, the Democrats had switched tracks and accused him, by writing the memo, of giving justification to Trump’s efforts to collude…..


Trump Will Flip Rosenstein


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