REVEALED: The Truth on Why Hillary Clinton Didn’t Win The Election

If spies were considered necessary to protect Donald Trump from the Russians, why were they not used to help Hillary who was supposed to be the target, to begin with? At latest count in today’s reports, there may have been as many as seven spies targeting the Donald Trump campaign. The spin that the former Obama administration leaders have put forth is that it was to protect and some of the Donald Trump and his campaign from those dastardly Russians. This article will help you put the lie to that claim. Here are a handful of questions that you will want to consider.

As Written and Reported By John Nolte for Breitbart:

“If altruistic Barry and his altruistic band of spies were worried about Russian influence, and as altruistic Americans only wanted to help Trump avoid Russian influence on his campaign, why was Hillary not offered this same altruism?” 

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If you are stupid enough to believe the establishment media, the true Spygate scandal is that Hillary Clinton did not benefit from Barack Obama’s sending in his spies to spy on help her campaign.

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The Deep State and its media minions keep desperately trying to reassure us that the Obama administration’s unprecedented spying on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was altruistic, that the idea was to “help” Trump avoid being compromised by the Russians. If that is the case, why, then, did Obama not order spies into Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

On his Wednesday radio show, this very good question was asked and answered by Rush Limbaugh.

“Why didn’t they have spies in Hillary’s campaign?” Limbaugh asked. “Why weren’t they trying to prevent Russian involvement in her campaign?”

Limbaugh then answered his own question with the only obvious answer…..


Nolte — Why Hillary Really Lost: Obama Didn’t Send Spies to Help Her Campaign


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