Republicans may not pass this test, but the Democrats sure won’t.

The Roseanne Test: Republicans may not pass it, but Democrats sure won’t. What is the test and how will it affect the 2018 mid-term elections? The Democrats are so bound up in identity politics and protecting illegal immigration that they are overlooking the concerns of the American family as represented by Roseanne. Here is what they have missed.

As Written and Reported By Matthew Continetti for the National Review:

Which matters more: economics or identity politics?

In February, Chuck Schumer delivered a lecture at the McConnell Center of the University of Louisville. The center’s namesake, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, listened as Schumer described the Democratic strategy for the midterm elections. “You cannot just run against Donald Trump,” Schumer said. “It is the job of we Democrats to put together a strong cohesive economic group of proposals aimed at the middle class.”

Now, it just so happens that there is a major economic issue waiting to be addressed by the two major parties: the cost of health care. Healthcare emerged as a voter priority in last year’s elections in Virginia and Alabama. GOP polling finds that health care is a top-three concern for Republicans, Democrats, and independents. A Pew poll last week found that a majority of respondents said health-care costs affect the financial situation of their household “a lot.” Fifty-five percent of Americans worry more about health-care costs than other issues, according to a Gallup poll released a few days ago. Health care is a traditional Democratic issue, a historical advantage that the party should be ready to exploit given the Republican majority’s failure to repeal and replace Obamacare.

So, naturally, Democrats are talking about immigration. Not long before Schumer’s trip to Kentucky, the Democrats briefly shut down the government over the DACA program. Last week, when Trump reluctantly signed the massive omnibus bill, Nancy Pelosi crowed about Democrats restricting funding for Trump’s southern-border wall and limiting resources available to Border….


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The Roseanne Test | National Review

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