President Trump switches to post-election hyper-drive

While the Democrats stand around trying to claim that their Blue Wave was a success, President Donald Trump has already gone into his post-election mode. You can tell that the President is still playing three-dimensional chess while the Democrats are still playing checkers. Look what he has already done in the few short days since the election.

As Written and Reported By Dov Fischer for the Spectator:

The election was Tuesday. President Trump helped secure a stronger Republican Senate, with definite pick-ups in Indiana, Missouri, and North Dakota; and an almost-certain fourth gain in Florida (unless the cheaters steal it, as they stole Norm Coleman’s Minnesota seat, Ted Stevens’s Alaska seat, Richard Nixon’s 1960 election, and others). Nevada was lost to immigration. Thus, the Republicans now have between 52 and 54 Senators. Arizona is tight, with Martha McSally clutching onto a razor-thin chance, thanks somewhat to some wonderfully glorious Green Party activist suitably surnamed Green. Karma is satisfied because Kyrsten Sinema, the McSally opponent who approved Americans fighting for the Taliban and who called her state “crazy” and (apparently never having watched “Breaking Bad”) described Arizona as the nation’s “meth lab,” began her political career as a candidate for the same Green Party. Long live kale, kelp, and seaweed health drinks with wheat germ and tree bark, gulped down without plastic straws Yummy!

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Then came Wednesday. While others debated the election results, President Trump got to work. Jeff Sessions — you’re fired. Jim Acosta — you’re outta here. And then Thursday — executive order: no more amnesty applications at the border. From now on, you want amnesty, you apply properly at a legally established port of entry. Stop the madness.

This is the difference of a hotel-and-casino builder with a TV show entering a new career at the White House in 2016, and a ….


Trump’s Great Post-Election OffensiveThe American Spectator



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