Peter Strzok “principles” did the damage to the FBI, the institution he professed to “love”

Peter’s ‘principles’ were the focal point of the House committee hearing that was held with former FBI Agent Peter Strzok. It is noteworthy that Mr. Strzok could claim that his revealing text messages in no way reflected a bias in the Hillary Clinton email investigation of the Trump/Russia collusion investigation. Why was Strzok in charge of both investigations?

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As Written and Reported By Kevin R. Brock for The Hill (Kevin R. Brock, former FBI assistant director for intelligence)

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The FBI cannot compound the errors of Strzok and others by falling into a defensive crouch and playing into fears that there is something to hide.

Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok spent a long Thursday on Capitol Hill, trying his best to sell the idea that his own words are not indicative of how he acts. What a third-grader would recognize as absurd, nevertheless got the full political-theater treatment by an oversight committee that seemed to miss the point.

Peter Strzok’s text messages with former FBI attorney Lisa Page were disgusting. They were harmful to the FBI and, ultimately, to the American people. He should have apologized for them on their face. They are not words any FBI agent with such responsibilities should have uttered, regardless of whether or not they indicated bias. There is a higher principle at play here, but one he apparently didn’t recognize, since no apology was forthcoming.

Instead, he expressed regret that others used his irresponsible words to attack the FBI. Nice deflection attempt, Peter, but you own those words, despite your weak-chinned efforts to separate yourself from them. You, not others, did the damage to the FBI, the institution you professed to “love………


Peter’s ‘principles’ damaged public’s faith in FBI | TheHill


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