Obama misses the Meaning of ‘Facts’ in his latest statement

David Limbaugh takes on former President Barack Obama over the Meaning of Facts. The former President was waxing eloquent when he began to bemoan the reality that Americans now get their information from multiple sources. I think that Mr. Obama wants the good old days of just three ‘news’ networks. Here is how David Limbaugh answers Obama’s remarks.

As Written and Reported By David Limbaugh for Townhall:

Former President Barack Obama (I love the adjective preceding his title) made some comments at the recent Global Opinion Leaders Summit in Japan that I can’t let slide, so please forgive me.

“It used to be that the two political parties in the United States would disagree but there was a common baseline of facts and a set of norms in terms of political behavior that were followed. … You could have a disagreement, but basic things got done. … And some of the reason for that is … it used to be that in the United States, there were three television stations. Basically, everybody watched the same thing. Everybody got their news from the same sources, and so everybody had, more or less, a similar view of the world. But today, because of first cable television and then now the internet, people have 500 channels to choose from, and they are able to find the news that fits their views instead of fitting their views to the news, so they are very biased in terms of how they see things, in a way that just didn’t use to be the case. And so it becomes harder to have a proper democratic debate if we don’t agree on just basic facts. … I can have an argument with somebody who doesn’t think it’s worthwhile for us to sacrifice economic growth in order to reduce carbon emissions. It’s much harder to have a debate with somebody who doesn’t believe that the planet is getting warmer despite the fact that 99 out of 100 scientists say it is. … When you don’t have a common set of facts, it’s hard to have, then, a basic democratic conversation…..


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It Depends on What the Meaning of Facts Is – David Limbaugh

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