WaPo editors think Judge Brett Kavanaugh has an elite lifestyle?

You would think that the editors at the Washington Post would try to read an article by their own reporters about Judge Brett Kavanaugh with understanding before they assigned it a headline. According to the editors, the Supreme Court Justice nominee from President Trump must lead an elite lifestyle. Just how elite can you get when you do the things that they reported Judge Kavanaugh doing in this revealing article? Based on what they report in this article, what would your description be of the Judge’s lifestyle be?

As Written and Reported By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

“He’s the type of Republican you would want the Republicans to nominate.”

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Remember when reading this that reporters don’t write headlines, but editors do approve them. Thus we find an interesting, nuanced, and remarkably relatable profile of Brett Kavanaugh’s life from Michelle Boorstein and Paul* Schwartzman running under this headline:

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That headline certainly lays out some hints about what might come in the article. Does he light his cigars with $100 bills? Chill his martinis with the tears of the poor in the wintertime? Er … how about serve food to the poor in between work and coaching his daughter’s school basketball team?


Don’t expect it to silence the critics entirely, but this profile from Boorstein and Schwartzman might turn the volume down a little on the “frat-boy” attacks. While Kavanaugh lives in an…..


More WaPo: “The elite world of Brett Kavanaugh” sounds pretty … middle-class, actually


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