Missing Data From The Las Vegas Massacre?

The Las Vegas Massacre report seems to have left out a lot of data. It is not because the data is not in the report. The problem is that these data points were never investigated for the data that they would have brought to the table. At least one forensic expert points to lines of investigation that were not pursued by the Sheriff. Here is what was missed.

As Written and Reported by Barbara G. Grant for the American Thinker:

If the results of an investigation are only as good as the data it utilizes, then the recent investigation into the Las Vegas massacre is one for the record books – at the bottom of the list.

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Predictably, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo reiterated the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD)’s preliminary findings in the final report: one and only one shooter, Stephen Paddock, was responsible for the carnage in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.  Other possibilities – including shooters at other locations on or near the Las Vegas Strip – he dismissed.

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Where is the muzzle flash?

While the report discusses weapons fired during the event, it does not mention recorded imagery of muzzle flash from the 32nd-floor window where Paddock was determined to have carried out his killing spree.

Muzzle flash from weapons such as the AR-15 is one of the key indicators of shooter location, particularly in the thermal infrared, a region of the electromagnetic spectrum extending beyond the range that the human eye can see.  According to the report, Paddock used a total of 13 weapons during the shooting (not including the pistol with which he killed himself).  Even if some weapons were flash-suppressed, the incessant, continuous, violent barrage from one location should have produced some flashes whose signatures were captured on video – even on the cell phone camera videos taken by many individuals on…..


The Las Vegas Massacre’s Missing Data


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