Look Who’s Threatening a “Fiscal Crisis” Over A Pending SCOTUS Case

The Democrats want the Supreme Court Justices to believe that there will be a “fiscal crisis” if they do not rule in favor of Unions and organized labor in a hearing before the high court. The big part of the financial hit may occur to the Democrat Party. If the Unions lose the ability to squeeze dues out of non-member workers, their revenue will go down. If the unions lose income, where will the Dems then get all of their political contributions from? That explains all of these preemptive strikes against the Court’s conscious.

As Written and Reported By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

With the Supreme Court hearing arguments in Janus v AFSCME this week, unions, liberals and much of the media (though I repeat myself) are really scrambling to pull out a win. Earlier today, Ed wrote about the efforts by some Democrats to shame the Supremes into not overturning a decades-old ruling based on stare decisis, but that’s not the only line of attack being mustered. Others, such as Daniel DiSalvo and Jeffrey Kucik at the Washington Post, are raising the specter of a looming fiscal crisis facing the entire nation if public sector unions aren’t allowed to continue deducting dues from non-members and spending that money to promote liberal policies.

The odd aspect of their analysis is that the authors are actually highlighting a very real problem currently bogging down state and local governments around the nation. (And one which will eventually begin to cripple the federal government as well absent any changes in policy.) They’re describing the huge, back-loaded costs of retirement plans for union workers which contain costs far above and beyond their basic pension payments, particularly their generous healthcare plans.


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Liberals threaten a “fiscal crisis” if unions lose the pending SCOTUS case

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