Liberals Media Outlets Are Furious With Dan Bongino

Based on the positive response to the GOP taking it to the Democrats over the Judge Kavanaugh nomination, the new campaign motto for the Republicans should be “Own The Libs.” For any Republican to expect that the progressive socialist left will quietly accept their defeat over a Supreme Court nomination would be a pure delusion. Here is what Dan Bongino has to say about all that.

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Liberal media outlets are furious that I stated in my podcast, and during my NRATV show, that conservatives should strategically “own the Libs.” Here’s my short answer to them, “get used to it.” In addition, a few old-guard Republicans objected to my “own the Libs” strategy believing it’s counterproductive in the long-term. They’re wrong.

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Holding out hope that, post-Kavanaugh, there’s going to be some peace-pipe smoking and a grand rapprochement with the Left is ridiculous. The Left has become radicalized in large part due to an increasingly radical donor base, the geometric growth in the power of radical far-Left activist group voices due to the social media echo-chamber and, importantly, their out-of-control rage against President Trump. We’ve crossed the Rubicon, there’s no turning back.

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Donald Trump knows this. He saw this during his campaign and his pugilistic style is perfectly suited to this new, troubling, era of street-fight politics. Yet, a few old-guard Republicans can’t seem to accept this. They’re still hoping to revert back to the “old rules.” The old rules were simple. Republicans would propose something, anything, whether it be tax cuts, entitlement reform, a nominee for the courts, it doesn’t matter, and the Democrat-Media complex would dutifully respond with personal, malicious, attacks with the vilest of smears. Disgusting, filthy, charges of racism, sexism, and worse, liberally followed those proposals and Republicans would quickly either apologize or…..


Own The Libs – The Dan Bongino Show


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