Liberals and Never Trumpers coup dreams die from a thousand cuts

It sounds like the next spectator sport will be watching the Liberals and Never Trumpers die a slow death waiting for the coup that unseats Donald Trump. There have been a thousand headlines in the past year they were guaranteed to do away with the Trump administration, all to no avail. When will they ever get the message? 

As Written and Reported By Kurt Schlichter for Townhall:

Face it: Hillary Clinton will never be Playmate of the Year. We know this because apparently only a former Playmate of the Year can finally be the one to take down Donald Trump and The Smartest Woman Ever™ was demonstrably unable to make that happen. This latest deus ex mockable solution to the problem of America electing a guy the elite disapproves of, convincing America to somehow turn on its President because a decade ago he engaged in in real life what hordes of creepy shut-ins engaged in in their own minds, is simply hilarious.

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Trump hooked up with a Playboy Playmate! That’s the last straw!

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Yeah, he’s done for now, according to noted Democrat political strategist Chet the Unicorn.

Whatever. The only danger Hottiegate poses to The Donald is carpal tunnel syndrome from thousands of high fives.

So, whatever the lucky Playboy Playmate’s name is joins Stormy Daniels, Pocahontas, not being nice enough to John McCain, telling the truth about illegal aliens, saying “schlonged,” having Russian dressing on his salad, and a thousand other forgotten “WE HAVE YOU NOW!” news cycle topics, on the endless list of WORST THINGS EVER! that were supposed to finally purge the scourge that is Donald Trump.

You liberals and your Fredocon lackeys need to get this through your heads. You are not purging this guy. He’s purging you. Just look at James Comey, who has gone from Tower of Integrity to Looming Doofus. The winding trail from the bottom of that famous escalator to right here and now is littered with the twitching bodies of those who thought they could take on The Donald and win….


It’s Fun to Watch The Liberals’ and Never Trumpers’ Coup Dreams Die – Kurt Schlichter

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