Left-wing media conspiring with Democrats to indoctrinate the public

There is no other way to put it except that the left-wing media has become the indoctrination arm of the Democratic Party. How else can you explain the Ford-Kavanaugh story where an unfounded accusation is viewed as truth by half of the nation? The dominance of the alt-left is totally beholding to the media support that they get. Here is what conservatism is up against.

As Written and Reported by Jack Hellner for the American Thinker:

It is becoming clearer every day how the dominant left-wing media are conspiring with the Democrats to indoctrinate the public.  They are following an integrated strategy and are willing to destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way.  They seek to elect Democrats and implement their progressive left-wing agenda via legislation, bureaucratic decisions, and judicial fiat.  Anyone who gets in the way is a target.

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The Ford-Kavanaugh story is one of the most blatant examples, and it appears to be working.  A woman comes forward after decades with a story with absolutely zero evidence that it is true and a lot of evidence that it isn’t.  Ford names four people, including a lifelong friend, who supposedly were at a party, and now all four have denied that the story is true.  Yet the complicit media run the story, endlessly stating or implying that it is true.

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I saw a Fox News poll that shows that 50% of the public believes her even though there is zero proof.  Indoctrination and  repetition obviously have made the public believe the story.  The only purpose of the story is to delay and block the Kavanaugh appointment.  Now other women are coming forward with more unverified stories, but the public has already been told that Kavanaugh is essentially a fake, and the Democrats and media demand that the conformation….


Media indoctrination is integral to the Dems’ political strategy


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