Kamala Harris Is Getting A New Reputation In The Senate


The standing joke about how to tell if a politician is lying applies to Senator Kamala Harris and you can read it in her tweetstorm. When you take the testimony of Judge Brett totally out of context and attribute words to him that were not his words, you are a liar on a new level. This was an attempt to make the Judge look like a rapid anti-abortion advocate. Then her lie was put out on Twitter where it was blindly repeated as the truth. Is this a proper way for a United States Senator to behave?

As Written and Reported By Becket Adams for the Washington Examiner:

Sen. Kamala Harris’, D-Calif., attempts last week to upend Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings with outright fabrications would make even former Nevada senator and noted smear artist Harry Reid blush.

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In fact, if we were to gauge who is the biggest liar right now in the U.S. Senate, Harris has jumped into the lead and seems to be consolidating her position. You don’t need to take conservatives’ word for that either.

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On Sept. 7, Harris’ office tweeted the following: “Kavanaugh chooses his words very carefully, and this is a dog whistle for going after birth control. He was nominated for the purpose of taking away a woman’s constitutionally protected right to make her own health care decisions. Make no mistake – this is about punishing women.” Her office then said in a follow-up tweet one day later: “There’s no question that he uncritically used the term ‘abortion-inducing drugs,’ which is a dog whistle term used by extreme anti-choice groups to describe birth control.”

This nonsense about Kavanaugh “going after birth control” is just a …….


Kamala Harris is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most dishonest senator


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