James Comey’s Own Words Coming Back To Bite Him In The Butt

Tonight’s report starts out: If James Comey, who signed the FISA application, couldn’t figure out who funded the dossier, how could a judge? 

That just about sums up the whole problem with the FISA warrant process that used the Steele dossier as the basis for the investigation. From this angle, the FBI took action to see that the FISA Court Judge was not aware of the existence of that information. That is a sin of omission that is not supposed to be allowed by prosecutors in their authority. In his perfect imitation of Sergeant Schultz, former FBI Director Comey claims to “know nothing” about who really funded what. Do you believe this? Interesting report to read.

As Written and Reported By Jason Beale for The Federalist:

If James Comey, who signed the FISA warrant application, couldn’t figure out who funded the dossier, how could a FISA judge?

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There weren’t many surprises in the newly released and redacted Carter Page surveillance warrant application, as much of it has been in the public domain for many months now. Nor should anyone be particularly surprised at the polarized response. It’s simply a sign of the times that people are less-inclined to apply a reasoned and balanced approach to issues that involve Russia and, even tangentially, President Trump, regardless of which ideological corner one calls home.

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Perhaps the most hotly contested topic of conversation after the release was the notion, first posed in a memo produced by Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) in January 2018 (the “Nunes memo”) that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Department of Justice failed to properly represent to the court the identity of the individuals and/or organizations responsible for commissioning the Steele dossier……


Comey’s Own Words Suggest FBI Hid Dossier Funding From FISA Judge


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