Is This a Bad Omen for all Democrats?

Rahm Emanuel was President Barack Obama’s right-hand man and his becoming the mayor of Chicago was a dream for every Democratic supporter. Rahm Emanuel was expected to take Chicago to new greatness. Unfortunately for him, he ran headlong into the problem that every Democratic Party run city has run into. He has run out of other people’s money. At least Rahm is still smart enough to see the writing on the wall and has decided to bail on the third term as mayor. Here is why.

As Written and Reported By Michael Barone for the New York Post:

‘It’s the Lord of the Flies on LaSalle Street,” wrote columnist John Kass. In case the references are unclear, whether because high schools haven’t been assigning the William Golding novel in the last few decades or because out-of-towners unaccountably don’t realize that Chicago’s City Hall front is on LaSalle Street, Kass was writing about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s announcement that he won’t run for a third term next February.

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Should readers from outside Chicagoland care? Yes, because Emanuel’s surprise exit is a sign of the unworkability of policies that will go national if Resistance Democrats oust Donald Trump, and indeed of some policies embraced by Trump as well.

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Emanuel will be leaving office as a frustrated and unsuccessful mayor, even though he is one of the great political talents of his generation. Former Clinton fundraiser and White House staffer, Chicago congressman and chairman of House Democrats’ campaign committee when they overturned a Republican majority in 2006: He’s done it all.

He gave up a House leadership post to be Barack Obama’s first White House chief of staff; he gave that up to run for mayor — the job that every traditional Chicago politician considers far more important than anything “out of town….


Rahm Emanuel’s failure is an ill omen for all Democrats


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