If Not for the Democrats Filibuster of Gorsuch We Wouldn’t Be Having a Kavanaugh Confirmation

This is a very interesting look into how the Democrat’s actions against Supreme Court nominee and confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch backed the Senate Democrats into the Kavanaugh corner that they are now in. It could be considered a case of using up all your silver bullets, I guess. If the Democrats had not filibustered against Gorsuch, where would they have been at strategically going into the Kavanaugh confirmation process? That is a very interesting question with a very interesting answer.

As Written and Reported By Allahpundit for Hot Air:


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I already made this case last week, but Drew McCoy reminded me of it this afternoon and now I want to re-up it as an overlooked factor in Kavanaugh’s now all-but-certain confirmation. There’s no way to know for sure how things would have gone on Earth 2 if Gorsuch hadn’t been filibustered and Collins, Flake, and Murkowski were now presented with the momentous choice of nuking the filibuster to confirm Kavanaugh. But consider: If Murkowski wasn’t willing to vote for cloture this morning, she obviously wouldn’t have voted to nuke. Manchin certainly wouldn’t have crossed his party on a huge vote like that, knowing that it would have repercussions for future nominees, not just Kavanaugh. And given Flake’s squeamishness about the entire past three weeks, the idea of him going nuclear to get Kavanaugh through seems farcical.

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Even with Collins firmly in Kavanaugh’s corner, McConnell would have lost the filibuster vote 49/51. (Or worse.) Which means Kavanaugh would have needed 60 votes for cloture. Which in turn means either that McConnell would have had him yanked after the first signs of trouble with Ford or Trump would have had to nominate a more moderate candidate from the start to have any shot at 60. And even…….


Don’t forget: Kavanaugh probably would have been blocked if Democrats hadn’t filibustered Gorsuch


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