If Democrats Win the Midterms Conservatives Are In For A Heck of an Awakening

The Democrats are already planning what they will do when the midterms go their way. The midterm Blue Wave is seen as an accomplished fact in their circles as well as the mainstream media. Their confidence is designed to put a damper on the conservative turnout. But look at what will happen to values and issue if they win. Are you prepared for 2 years of this?

As Written and Reported By Robert Oscar Lopez for the American Thinker:

Conservatives will complain. Then they will roll over and do nothing.

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Would conservatives achieve an easy victory against the left if it came down to civil war?  The question seems less absurd by the day as tensions increase between the right and left.  Many conservative writers seem to think the left would fold quickly and the right would triumph.

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One has good reason to doubt that.  Consider basic issues like political bias in universities, or religious integrity.  After decades of exposés and outcries from conservatives over liberal tyranny, universities are as biased as they ever were.  Past cases of anti-conservative persecution (including mine) remain unaddressed.

Meanwhile, in the world of Masterpiece Cakeshop, conservatives celebrate a largely toothless victory at the Supreme Court over a wedding cake for two men.  While a small fortune went to defending a Colorado pastry chef who wouldn’t make a cake for a ceremony approximating a wedding, a dozen states have banned “conversion therapy” in terms so broad that many church ministries will be outlawed.

The LGBT movement is no longer worried about taking over state legislatures to stop religious liberty laws.  Soon they won’t have to do that.  They are gaining in power at the denominational governance level of Christian churches and changing doctrine so religious liberty will not even be an issue.  The religious position itself will be so thoroughly corrupted that no Christians will have “deeply felt” convictions against……


What to Expect if Democrats Win the Midterms


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