How PresidentTrump can deal a HUGE blow to the Deep State and their shenanigans 

From day one, and even before that, President Donald Trump had had to deal with the realities of the Deep State. Mr. Trump called it The Swamp when he was running for office. they are both the same and staffed by elitists and establishment types. They feel like they have iron pants and cannot be touched. A few of these ideas my put an end to some of that. Read it here.

As Written and Reported By Van Hipp for Fox News:

The American people are now finding out that the “Deep State” is very real. They see now that it is not an outlandish idea of conspiracy theorists, but unfortunately, exists in different segments of our Government and has been around a long time.

Interestingly though, the “Deep State” doesn’t know sovereign boundaries. Recently, I was watching the movie “Darkest Hour,” the story of how Great Britain turned to Winston Churchill in its darkest hour, when all the odds were stacked against England’s very survival.

What struck me was that from the very minute Churchill became Prime Minister he had to fight against elite forces within the media, the British Government and yes even his own party.

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As Nazi fascism was on the march throughout Europe and on the United Kingdom’s doorstep, the “British Bulldog” had to fight on two fronts – against Hitler and against elite elements within his own government. Lord Halifax, a member of Churchill’s own party and a member of the war cabinet was even trying to force Churchill to cut a deal with Hitler through Mussolini.

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Amazingly, his fellow elites in the government supported such a move and thought Churchill to be delusional and really lacking the proper understanding and temperament to deal with such complex foreign policy matters.

Fortunately, Churchill was different than previous prime ministers.  He escaped his security detail and went on London’s underground train to talk with everyday working Brits who reinforced his instincts to never give up and fight on all fronts. Well, we all know how the story….


Mr. Trump, here are four big things you can do to deal a real blow to the Deep State and their shenanigans | Fox News


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