Hillary Tweets High Praise for Planned Parenthood’s Retiring CEO, While Ignorning Her Own Bombshell Scandal


It must be the norm for Hillary Clinton to accept the presence of sexual predators in her life. She got so used to rolling out the Bimbo Squad to protect Bill so many times, that it just comes naturally. It is now revealed that one of her campaign staff, Burns Strider, a political operative. and close friend was accused of sexual harassment. Her staff wanted him gone. It did not happen. He was counseled and allowed to continue on. The poor woman got a transfer and a non-disclosure agreement. So much for being a women’s advocate. 

As Written and Reported By Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

It was reported on Friday that Hillary Clinton covered up for a longtime friend and campaign aide who was accused of sexually harassing a female staffer on her 2008 presidential campaign, but she avoided the bombshell revelation in her first public comments after the story broke.

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Clinton tweeted a thank you to Cecile Richards, the former president of the pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood, for her “tireless advocacy on behalf of women and girls.”

Unmentioned in the tweet was Richards’ advocacy for abortion. An estimated 3.5 million abortions have been conducted by Planned Parenthood during Richards’ 12-year stint as the group’s leader. She is stepping down to pursue other opportunities.

Also unmentioned in the tweet are aforementioned allegations of sexual misconduct against Burns Strider, a political operative who has been described as Clinton’s faith ……


Hillary Praises Cecile Richards After Sex Cov | The Daily Caller


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