Here Is The Reason the British Are Protesting President Trump

Why is the British Left so activated by the presence of President Donald Trump? Is their opposition to him based upon a disagreement with his policies? Why are they so well covered in the left leaning British media? The answer is that although the British left seems to be a massive movement, they are, in fact, just a minority. Their press coverage gives them an undeservedly large footprint. This article explains their actions and their real agenda.

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As Written and Reported By Dale Hurd for CBN News:

There is a reason the British Left doesn’t protest China or Saudi Arabia.

There’s nothing surprising about the British Left’s vicious hatred of Donald Trump.  It hates capitalism, the Bible, national borders, the traditional family and American Republicans.  It hated Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, too.
If I could share a little secret you probably won’t see on CNN, most Britons approve of President Trump’s visit.  The protestors you see on TV are the minority, the British Left; a noisy, ramshackle jalopy of establishment leftists, Marxists, snowflakes and anarchists. Their friends dominate the British media, so they know they can always count on sympathetic coverage of their demonstrations.
And most of them stay home when the leaders of the world’s most oppressive governments visit London, like Xi Jingping of Communist China or the rulers of Saudi Arabia.  Trump separates mothers and children, say the London protestors? (Not true by the way; the law predated Trump.) China still, in 2018, hunts down pregnant women and forces them to have abortions. Trump is a misogynist because of things he said or did before becoming president? Official Saudi government policy treats women like animals.
But there is a reason they don’t protest China or Saudi Arabia, and I’ll get to that in a …….

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